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You can now REQUEST products on Toadlane :}

Alright, confession. I just realized I havent slept for a day. but its okay because our whole team is so excited to launch this request functionality. Its super simple. Just log into toadlane, request exactly what you want and the price you are looking for.

Make sure you add product tags, the more product tags you add the better because that is how relevant sellers are notified.

We worked real hard to make it real simple for you. 




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Good Morning!!!! (West Coast Time) :}

Gooood Morning!!!!

Yes, I have been awake but it has been a very very hectic day. 

Couple quick thoughts. We are so grateful that people are finding us and signing up. Like we said yesterday, we arent focused on marketing.....we are focused on improving, bug fixes, and pushing through a few more updates.

So thats pretty much all I got right now. I wish you the very best day possible.....spoke to a few great suppliers today that I am excited to see them get verified because they have incredible pricing.

Anyhoo......back to work :}



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Rumor has it that some AMAZING LCD pricing is going up......

Very very very soon on Toadlane. just a rumor......I would set up an account so you hear about it first because we will be doing very very little marketing. The prices tend to sell themselves....



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Major Updates on deck but DONT WORRY VERY LITTLE MARKETING :}

I know I have been talking about these updates for weeks. My godfather once said about me that "I always come through but almost never on time".....and that feels & sounds about right especially in the context of these releases. I feel its important to let people know that we are doing very little marketing at this time. Why would I feel compelled to say something so obvious you might ask?

The reason is because someone wrote a fake review on Toadlane this weekend. I was stunned for a few reasons, first of all because it was so obviously fake and the second reason was that someone clearly felt like they had to do that to take a shot at Toadlane. At first I thought I had an idea of who it might be but then after taking my dog out for a walk I had an epiphany.

That fake review might have come from a "platform" where a sales guy felt threatened by us because of our patent pending payment methods and they might feel the need to attack us to justify their paid membership. So I just want all the "platforms" out there to know that we arent going to be doing any real marketing anytime soon. Not only that but even when we do, we are not competing. Our team has literally never viewed these "platforms" as competition.

Our focus is and has always been on obessively improving our experience for the sake of our community. With that said, super duper excited about these updates. Thats why the marketing can be a blog post.....not too bad right??? :}

Stay Tuned!!!


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Our International Verification Process

And to be clear when I say international, I am reffering to countries outside of the United States. That is really really relative to where you are in the globe.

I wonder if people in Germany refer to themselves as international? Ha. I am joking. We are getting a lot of registrations from Germany, England, and Dubai to name a few places. Quite exciting. Our verification process inside the United States can happen very very quickly, especially for the level one verification when your making test orders.

With international verification it can be a little more frustrating. We are well aware of this. It is a much more manual process. We are working to make this a better process for our international Toads. Our focus is on making this a better experience for you. Please do not hesistate to email me at 

I promise I am not one of those people that write about themselves in 3rd person on their linkedin profile. I am a real person. 



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Someone wrote a fake review on Toadlane

The thing that bugs me the most about this is that I have to take the time to write about this. There really should be a way for companies to defend themselves against people who write reviews like this. 

I wrote about it on the unofficial blog. 

Please read and if you have any questions about anything whatsoever email me directly at

It doesnt even have to be about business. You can just email me and say "hi".....I would prefer it was a Toadlane related inquiry if you want a response but I read everything that shows up in my inbox.

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So about this MacBooks for $115 on

Alright so those APPLE MACBOOK CORE 2 DUO A1342 (MC207LL/A) that just got listed and yeah if you click on that link you will go directly to the listing. Those go down to $115 if you buy enough of them. 

I have a really heart warming story about this supplier. We have known each other for quite awhile. I knew them before they had the cool office, warehouse, and supplier connections.

As we get some more listings from them on toadlane I will make sure to really talk about this heart warming story. I am incredibly excited to see some more listings from them on Toadlane. :}



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Big Big Big Things Coming

So so so excited to share. I wish I could announce now. I was just looking at it. OMG. I cannot to share with you. K back to work.


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Some Updates (bug fixes) on way

Yup, working on them right now. I get the reports. If you have experienced a crash today I have seen it. Currently reviewing and I deeply apologize.

Due to this we will not do any marketing of the inventory on Toadlane. I know a lot of people already registered want to take advantage of the stock so no marketing.....aside from this blog post if you consider that marketing.

It was a lot of fun chatting with some new Toadlaners today :} .....k back to work.




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HAPPY MONDAY!!! LOW MOQ iPhone 7 128GB at a LOW LOW Price :}

Alright happy monday. I think the sunday work day is officially over. I cannot tell you how excited I am to go to bed. This is truly one of the great moments of my monday. Granted its 2:30am, I would presume most of you will see this while I am we are only two and a half hours into Monday and its already been great. I am sure you are wondering why I am saying this. Why is it a great Monday?

Is it because the iPhone 7 Brand New Sealed is going for $540 right now and the Mininum Order Quantity is only 10 units? 

There was a whole bunch of stuff listed. 

This is a big week, lots of surprises. Also, we are pushing through a ton of updates as well. So you might find a few bugs or crashes. If you do email me us at and give very very specific complaints. Let us know exactly whats on your mind and what you want to see improved.

Anyhoo, I wish you an incredibly productive Monday :}



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