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A GROWING Team of All stars :}

Ya know....after awhile you realize that some of the darkest days will see dawn but those can also feel like the loneiest. I know I spelled that wrong. Im not perfect, none of us are. But its that commitment to continual improvement...too challenging ourselves to make progress everyday. Even if its something super small, progress is progress, gotta move the chains and grow the universal fibonacci sequence.l I am so excited about the all stars we have recruited on this journey and their continual commitment to getting better grow as a person. Thats really how I measure my time, by progress. And when you take it seriously you can look back a month back and see how far you have come and feel amazing. 

Toadlane is a community. We are a growing and great people. And the not so great people are blacklisted. And as our teams grows and grows you will notice the continual software improvements focused on you the customer. I am not satisfied until we make atleast every customer that we interact with atleast a million dollars cash. You have to build the markets and we are comitted to growing with you. Marvin has the sales team tho so email him.