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Hello Toadlane Users!

After hiring a new team, we have released some major changes to Toadlane. We are just about set to handle transactions again. This week, we are transitioning between development servers to production, so some testing is needed for this transition.

So, what’s new?

Wel, a few things...

First, we’ve changed our payment plan to support more countries with a wiring service called Veem. Now more people will be able to make secure payments.

Curious to see if your country is supported?

We also have a new purchase system called Verify and Buy. Old users might recall "Fly and Buy", the purchase service that supports in house examinations of products for a small fee. For now, we have replaced this implementation with the option of video inspections for free. We thought this would be the best implementation, because it is more convenient and helps save costs for all parties involved. Video inspection lets users set video appointments to look at the quality of products before deciding to pay. 

Last, we are adding more stringent KYC regulations for new users on our website. We want Toadlane to be a safe, legal, and ethical community for wholesale transactions. To this goal, we now screen new users against government sanction lists provided by This is in addition to the KYC screening Veem performs.