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Below market rate LCD screens

Lowest price on the market. Prove me wrong. More and more stuff coming up in the next few days. Stay tuned. 😉


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CPO Listings going up plus the beginnings of a video series

So a wholebunch of Certified Preowned US Spec Handset only phones from our distribution partner will be up in the next few hours. Very excited to share. As well as this video on why even when your not buying Certified Preowned Quality its even more important to use verify and buy to make sure it lines up with your grading expectations

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Black Friday Specials.....25% Off wholesale prices?

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! On the way down to Miami to shoot some videos, celebrating birthday, and meeting with a few exporters. Very excited about that. In the meantime a really great iPhone accessory seller is taking 25% all iPhone accessories. That’s chargers, charging chords, and more. And that’s at wholesale prices? There is a minimum order so you can do a group purchase if purchasing that many is too much. Just send the code “ireadthis33” because this post will delete in the next three days.



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Whole bunch of inventory going up

yeah and that’s an understatement. Very excited to share our increased distribution of consumer electronics at below market rates. Very excited. You’ll know 😊



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