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CPO, New Stock, and Jail Broken iPhones that just went up ;)

Yes, we have apple and electronics distribution now. All products include a 30 day warranty, or if CPO (Certified Preowned) then the standard year warranty. They are all tested for full functionality and then graded based on appearance. While it is always tough to have an explicit grading scale or distribution partner has claimed that our grade A/B many exporters, especially to South America for example sell it as their Grade A and before that surprises you its pretty common practice, which is why we only align with people that give us access to special pricing which will be updated much more frequently with this new distribution channel of course. Heading to Florida this week.

I hope to see some of yall there!


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CPO is cool? Heres the deal on video inspections

So the reason we allow the buyer and seller to schedule a seamless video inspection through Toadlane prior to release of funds is because a lot of refurbished phone companies have different standards and expectations for what grade A is or A/B so they price things a certain way because of this. For example this Certified Preowned iPhone 7 is a great price but dont you want to make sure your grade a is their grade a before you purchase? ABSOLUTELY! 

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HERE'S the thing about these WHOLESALE iPhone listings

So on a level of personally knowing people....these iPhone sellers got started with me when we were building Toadlane before it was even toadlane....when it was in alpha version in LA. This was before they could offer a million dollars of stock for sale on the site. 


Now I know some of you are going to see those minimum orders and are going to be like dang that’s too much. Well that is fine just order five or ten. Thats cool as well. We make it easy.  (Click and order a smaller amount and see)

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Im so shy and embarrassed but here are some more updates (Plus LONZO rant)

Alright a little advice to all those young entreprenuers out there...recruiting talent is single handedly one of the most important things one can do. IMPORTANT. CRUCIAL. And really its about finding that culture that enables success and takes everyone to the next level.

You will have to excuse me for a second...I am a life long lakers fan and this kid LONZO BALL they recruited is an example of how a single talent can literally transform the entire culture of a team. He passes the ball, records a high amount of assists, and if you think about it if a person scores "20 points and 10 assists" plus whatever rebounds that means that this kid that just turned 21 is controlling atleast 30-40% of a historic franchise and the team win share has only jumped over the last few years. 

And thats what happens when a company hires you in general. Its a little gamble but as you increase their winshare they get to slowly purchase your time and eventually your soul but only if you love it so thats exciting or you can make money with us but only if you love us!

With that said, we had a strategy going in with how we were going to approach building Toadlane and I think we have done a pretty good job but the general public hasnt really seen the backend work.......seeing it now for sure :} but much like the Lakers we had to slowly put together building pieces and while it allowed us to build a foundation we are excited about now we gotta slowly start bringing on the big guns. Just checking out Toadlane over the last 24 hours you will notice some big improvements are on the way and we are just just getting started.

There are legit millionaires and billionaires on the site. Huge buyers and huge sellers so we really need to focus rebuilding these distribution channels through these new tools that we have laid out. Whether you are just getting started as a drop shipper or you gotta lotta money but you really really need a lot more money, or you just need ONE more income stream (joke), we are building these tools for you so message me and lets get going with your distribution!



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Couple longer need an account to view products

We just released some updates. Site looks pretty cool huh? Excited to continue to improve for our community. So thanks for everyone that has stuck with us and lets continue to serve each other as best we can.



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Some major updates that I dreamed about and more on the way

Alright so first of all I have an adorable puppy drooping all over my arms as I write this so I apologize for any typos....and we are enjoying this moment of releasing major updates with a closed platform so we can test with our users as we move forward. 


These next set of updates we just released are extremely interesting because they open up purchasing accesibility with large suppliers like never before.


Can you find the updates??? :) Click on a listing, play around a little bit. Give us feedback. 


We feel honored to work with a visionary patent lawyer Eduardo Drake on planning this out with us and extremely excited about the many great things being released from our end to the world. 

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How YOU make $500k on Toadlane....anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW

Hey You ;)

This is really a screening type situation. Are you capable of doing this? Can you use the tools that have been created for you to generate wealth?

So the first release happened maybe a week ago but now we are live. NOW GRANTED we had a super annoying pop up that was sending people away. I apologize for that but I was not going to give you the option to process INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS in wholesale quantities without users having:

1. Public profile and we keep track of every transaction....publicly

Now granted their are certain users banned from Toadlane for the rest of their existence for bad behaviour but this is a system that will allow the right type of network to grow. 

We filed a patent on our payment methods....I am starting to see some copy cats but we will sue.  

2. Live video inspections 

3. Aggregated feedback that builds on user profiles

4. Several small improvements and those will keep coming. 

5. This really cool OFAC screening system that keeps the bad guys away and the banks happy with Toadlane.


So I am sure as a entreprenuer somewhere on this planet you are wondering how this benefits YOU.

Well first you need to set up a Toadlane account so you know what the heck I am talking about. This is free to do, those product tags...use those and really set up the experience you want with Toadlane.

Okay so you have the experience you want set up.

How do you make a million dollars now? And honestly if I were you, I would shoot for half a million. You want enough income where you dont neccesarily have to worry but the more money you make the more people call. The more demands there are for your attention. Its not that fun and we are talking sheer volume here. Plus half a million a year really isnt that bad. $500,000 divided by twelve is $42,000 roughly pretax which is roughly $10,000 a week, which is like two grand a day. So as an entreprenuer, you cannot expect a regular paycheck. Its lumpy so you need to get some deals going. With that said once your making consistent income on Toadlane, the buyers that trust you are gonna wanna make you a millionaire if you have enough distribution. 

What type of deals do you need to get going? 

What types of industries are you in? What do you have to sell? If you dont have any money to buy anything, do you have people that want to buy stuff? What do THEY want to buy? 

Email us at and lets walk through how we can build together. 

And I am sure people are wondering how we charge. We charge the buyer very very little but we do charge to transact. So we need you to make as much money as possible with us and as you grow we grow. Lets do this together. 





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Few More Things.....

Hey Toadlaners,

So we have a few more updates being pushed through before we are going to open up to the community again.

That is why we have that annoying bug pop up right now. 

It has been a lot of work to get to this point and we will only continue to improve in how we serve you. As the product improves, Toadlane improves, we serve you better and most importantly we are focused on figuring out more and more distribution opportunities for you.

Your win is our win.


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A GROWING Team of All stars :}

Ya know....after awhile you realize that some of the darkest days will see dawn but those can also feel like the loneiest. I know I spelled that wrong. Im not perfect, none of us are. But its that commitment to continual improvement...too challenging ourselves to make progress everyday. Even if its something super small, progress is progress, gotta move the chains and grow the universal fibonacci sequence.l I am so excited about the all stars we have recruited on this journey and their continual commitment to getting better grow as a person. Thats really how I measure my time, by progress. And when you take it seriously you can look back a month back and see how far you have come and feel amazing. 

Toadlane is a community. We are a growing and great people. And the not so great people are blacklisted. And as our teams grows and grows you will notice the continual software improvements focused on you the customer. I am not satisfied until we make atleast every customer that we interact with atleast a million dollars cash. You have to build the markets and we are comitted to growing with you. Marvin has the sales team tho so email him. 

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So we just had some amazing pricing go up for Apple and Samsung phones.

Below market rate and I triple checked Amazon and Ebay....everywhere to make sure that you can purchase from us and make a profit. We are taking it a step further...when you place your order, once you place your funds in escrow we will send an inspector on your behalf to make sure the order is exactly how you see fit and if you decide you want a refund then you dont pay any inspection fees. You have nothing to lose...if anything we do if you are not satisfied.


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