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Toadlane Screenshare Video on making REQUESTS

This was specially requested for some toadlane users

Let me know what you think!!!



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Why do I see expired listings?

Some of you might be seeing listings in your RankUp feed and when you click on them the product listing is expired.

You might be tempted to be frustrated. Dont be. Message the seller.

Often the seller has access to this distribution channel so you can set up an economy to feed your market(s). Its always a good idea to follow up and say hi :}



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How to MAXimize your listing views (get BIG deals done) on Toadlane

WOW what an exciting weekend!!! So much activity!!!

Remember, use the search bar to find all the product requests. Any listing in red highlights is an opportunity for a verified buyer to make a sale. 

So this is the best way to maximize your listings.

1. Get verified. Go to your accounts section and select a Tier. It sucks being excited about pricing but not being verified so your options are restricted. Submit your business information so you can play. 

2. Go to your profile section and add (or delete) the products you buy or sell. For more exposure, be very specific with the product tags you list as what you buy and sell. You gain (or lose) points based on your activity on Toadlane.

3. See how it changes your rank up feed? Pretty cool eh?

Its all community generated.


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Thoughts and Prayers for Houston and Mumbai

I was just reading about the Mumbai floods and have been following the Houston flood, I am so glad these floods are getting the support and attention they deserve. I look forward to seeing how we can help provide things that these organizations need to help with this massive disastor.

Much Love


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You can now REQUEST products on Toadlane :}

Alright, confession. I just realized I havent slept for a day. but its okay because our whole team is so excited to launch this request functionality. Its super simple. Just log into toadlane, request exactly what you want and the price you are looking for.

Make sure you add product tags, the more product tags you add the better because that is how relevant sellers are notified.

We worked real hard to make it real simple for you. 




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Happy Sunday!!! :} ......Branson, Biryani, and Blog posts

Everyday I wake up and before I go to sleep I do the exact samething. And the thing about it is, it calms me down. It helps keep me sane....and its a great way to feel like your,making progress on whatever part of the fibonacci spiral you are in. It also is a great way to figure out the direction of your habits and if they need to be improved to achieve more of what you want etc its a lot of things. 

So last night after I finished writing my blog post, I noticed Richard Branson finished his Virgin post not too long after I posted mine. I started reading and thinking to that is literally Richard Branson writing a post.....will that be me in 30 years? I remember the first time I read about Richard Branson. I was in Hyderabad, India at the time at my friend Hari's house. If you have not been to India i would strongly suggest you go. Indian food in India is one of the true joys of life. The chicken biryani in india is the best. my great grandfather is from calcutta and i was fortunate to live in the south but also travel up north. I would argue there are certain things like chicken tikka thare way better up north but southern indian chicken biryani......nothing like it.

back to Branson Im sitting in india, its super fricken hot and Im hungry, instead of food he offered me one of the most entertaining and educational reads ever. I sat down and read his entire autobiography in one read. It felt like my soul needed the read, and my friend gave me the book as if he anticipated my reaction would be just as it was. I thoroughly enjoy Richard Bransons vibration. He's creative, he does what he wants, and during his young years he was a fricken rockstar. He adds great value to the planet and he isnt just some boring rich bloke. I would stronlgy strongly suggest you check out his stuff. 

Soooo..........writing posts on the Toad blog just as I am now? In 30 years? I would think that 30 years from now blog posts are gonna be way cooler than just words.

Anyhoo, it has been a fantastic weekend....and I am so so so excited to share these updates with you, because we obsesses about your happiness over here.  :}

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