What is Toadlane?

We are a platform that builds tools to support a community of buyers and seller's. We are an open community so we encourage industries to work with us. Any feedback on how we can best serve you will be gladly received.

Why Toadlane?

Our focus is on making it easier to transact in wholesale volume. This includes the initiation of the relationship, making sure you are working with verified parties, keeping track of your communication, making sure the product is exactly to the buyers specifications, and that there is no hold up with fund disbursement.

Some benefits:

  • Low fees for processing wholesale payments safely.
  • Keep track of your purchase orders.
  • Share your wholesale listings around the web.
  • Receive or give volume-based discounts.
  • Share your wholesale listings with your current marketing across the web.

What are my payment options?

Currently, payments are supported with Veem. To sign up for Veem, you need to go to the accounts section on your dashboard.

Who are the Sellers?

The merchandise sold on Toadlane comes from a variety of sources: manufacturers, distributors, agents, globally recognized depots and liquidators.

Our sellers go through a vetting process before they are permitted to sell merchandise on Toadlane. We try to verify that every Seller has the legal right to sell the merchandise they are offering on Toadlane. With that said, we strongly encourage you to use your common sense. If you see anything questionable being sold in our community or have questions, please email us at hello@toadlane.com.

How are taxes calculated and handled?

The Buyer and Seller are responsible for taxes. You can save purchase orders in your account to make processing taxes easier. After a successful transaction, we strongly recommend getting in touch with a tax professional to figure out your options.

Technical Questions

I have not received an email notification from Toadlane even though I was expecting one. What's up?

Sometimes our automated emails can get marked by spam filters and sent to your trash or spam folder. In order to avoid this inconvenience, add hello@toadlane.com to your list of email contacts and manually move any emails marked as spam back to your inbox.

I was exploring Toadlane and I stumbled across a bug in the platform. Who should I contact?

We are constantly working to improve Toadlane, but we are still in Beta and sometimes bugs do get through. If you stumble across any issues on the site or if the interface isn't as intuitive as it should be, please reach out to us at hello@toadlane.com and we will do our best to resolve the issue immediately. And thanks for the help!

For Sellers

What type of items can I list on Toadlane?

You can list any goods that you have the legal rights to, so sell whatever you think will be most profitable for you. Nothing illegal and even if it is legal, but jeopardizes our banking relationships, we will turn it down. Feel free to email us at hello@toadlane.com if you have any questions.

How are orders shipped and who is responsible for arranging shipping?

Shipping fees are included in the purchase. After payment is sent by the buyer it is the seller's responsibility to see that the item is shipped immediately after.

Who do I contact to handle disputes?

For disputes please contact Toadlane directly at hello@toadlane.com and we will get back to you. There are several arbitration groups we like working with but it depends on the context of the situation. That is a huge benefit of using Toadlane. You can reference conversation in regards to disputes if one were to ever arise.

How much does it cost for me to use Toadlane?

We charge transaction fees which vary depending on the market and payment processor. The fees are added to the final sale price of the item. There are no additional fees.

How do I register on Toadlane and what info is required?

Registering on Toadlane is a quick process:

  • Pre-Registration: Some basic information (email, password and terms of use agreement) that gives you access to browse deals.
  • Account Verification: We require accounts to be verified to conduct wholesale transactions on Toadlane. It should not take long to get verified and if you have any issues whatsoever please email us at hello@toadlane.com

How can I learn about other people’s experiences with a particular Seller?

Toadlane isn’t just a purchasing platform – we’re a community. We are constantly experimenting with ways to make sure that our Buyers have the information they needed to make safe, well-informed purchasing decisions. Members can chat freely with suppliers prior to their purchases. They can leave comments on product walls that the seller will have the option to respond to.

It is always a prudent strategy to start with a sample order of any wholesale item prior to placing large orders. Sometimes this is not possible when seller's have minimum order quantities.

What documents will I receive with my order?

As your orders gets processed, you will receive a variety of notifications telling you the status of your order as well as a purchase order invoice. You can always log in to check your orders tab.

Are there any restrictions on who can sell goods on Toadlane?

We are a Los Angeles (CA, USA) based company and therefore have to abide by the rules regulation of the sale and shipment of goods to and from the United States. Users outside of the country selling to users outside of our country can use our platform, but are outside our jurisdiction.

Individual deals may have additional restrictions based on the manufacturer, agent, and the terms that have been negotiated between the two.