Getting Started

Creating Your Account

To get started with Toadlane, all you need is to fill out your name, email, password, and a tag of what you intend to buy or sell (Don't worry. There's no pressure to write the "perfect tag". You can change it or add more once your account is finished). You will receive a confirmation email with a link in your inbox. Follow the link, and it will bring you to page to further fill out your profile and business information.

Security Notice

In order to create a more secure platform for all users, we have recently implemented KYC screening with the Consolidated Screening List from The intent of this list is to screen and block users who are on government sanctions lists in the United States. Please be aware that this implementation is still in beta. It is quite possible based on fields in our algorithm (which uses a large array of personal details to identify matches to the list) that some individuals can be wrongly screened. There is, however, no cause for alarm. If you believe this has happened, please don't hesitate to contact We can manually approve your account, and we will appreciate that you are helping us make our platform better.

Getting Set Up for Payments

After your profile is complete, you can sign up with our payment partner Veem via the accounts section of the dashboard. Following the "Connect with Veem" button will redirect you to sign up on their payment platform.