Verify & Buy FAQ

Verify & Buy is being updated daily.  Click here to check our blog.

To use Verify and Buy, you will need to be verified with our payment partner Veem, which allows for safe international wired transactions. You can do this by clicking the Veem button in your accounts section.

If you have any questions, please email us at

How does it work?

When you purchase something on Toadlane, the purchasing method is selected by the seller. Currently, our app supports Verify and Buy.

Verify and Buy is the juggernaut of purchasing methods because it allows live video inspection and the exchange of documentation prior to payment.

There are three steps to a Verify and Buy purchase:

  • Checkout to Create a Provisional Invoice
  • Live Video Inspection
  • Finalize Approval and Payment

During checkout, the buyer decides whether to use a video inspection or not. They should select several times that would likely work for both parties. Please be mindful of time zone differences. Toadlane is trying it’s best to expand to offer global transactions. This means early morning or nighttime appointments are sometimes the only feasible options. Too bad the earth isn’t flat.

Live video inspection is a free quality control option offered in all Verify and Buy transactions. With video inspection, the buyer can ask to see a sampling of the items on video prior to payment. They can also request digital copies of any documentation the seller might have.

When you check out to purchase an item on Toadlane it is the start of your purchase, not the end. That's why we call it a provisional invoice. The seller is notified on their dashboard and in their email both of the buyer’s order and of any requests for further documentation or video inspection. If video inspection was chosen, they will also receive a list of requested times the buyer chose.

The seller then has the opportunity to first approve of or deny the order and to approve of one of the times or select their own. If the seller selects their own time, the buyer will be notified. This process will continue until both parties agree to a time. (We encourage users to send a range of times in a message to expedite this process.)

Once an inspection time is approved by both parties, both users will receive an email to link them to their appointment.

After the inspection is over, the buyer will have an opportunity to finalize payment and approve the order or to change their mind if the quality of the product is not up to their standards.

What are the fees?

You will see the Toadlane Fee of 0.75% prior to check out. There are no additional fees aside from that.