Video Inspection

Why do we have video inspection?

We at Toadlane want to maximize buyer and seller safety. One way we do this is through hosting live video inspections. By requesting video inspection, you can check if what you are ordering has both the quality and specifications you want.

This should help ease your mind more than the usual alternative of just seeing images, which could easily be faked. We’ve all ran into that awkward position of ordering an item online and then received something totally different. It's a pain for personal shopping, and its a killer for wholesale. With live video inspection, this risk is reduced.

How to do a live video inspection with your order

When you choose a Verify and Buy product, you have the option of planning a live video inspection.

On your checkout page, you’ll see a checkbox like this:

video 1

Clicking it will reveal the option to select inspection times and to request any product documentation. We recommended adding as many times as seems reasonable and also sending a message about a range of alternative times and date ranges that would work for you in the text box below. Don't forget about time zone differences.

After you submit, a provisional invoice will be created. The seller will be notified of the invoice, video inspection times, and documentation requested. From Orders on their dashboard they will be able to approve of one of the inspection times chosen by the buyer.

If none of the times work, the seller will be able to select their own times. You will receive both notifications in your email and on your Toadlane dashboard if this occurs. You will be linked to a similar page where you may pick from the seller’s options or submit your own time.

Once the buyer and the seller agree to a time, both will get an email in their inbox before the call is to take place. Click on the link and you’ll be brought to our live video call page.

If you click the link too early, you’ll see the time till your next meeting.

Finally, once the inspection is over, the buyer can choose to finalize their order and send payment.